We feel its important to maintain the properties on a regular basis. We outsource our repairs to maintenance companies that are licensed and insured to protect everyone involved. We use preferred vendors that have proven to provide prompt and courteous service to the residents.

Emergency Maintenance:

If an emergency occurs that is life threatening please call 911.

The phones are answered 24 hours a day to assist in an emergency. During the day our maintenance coordinator Alicia Patrick will assist with your maintenance requests and scheduling.  If the emergency happens after hours please call our office at 682-558-8900. Please follow the prompt for emergency maintenance and you will be transferred to our on call agent.

Repairs to be considered an emergency are those that endanger a life or could cause severe damage to the property if left unattended.

Regular Maintenance:

Regular maintenance requests must be in writing. You can do this by submitting it through our website, filling out a form in the office, or by emailing the maintenance coordinator, Alicia Patrick at apatrick@pamtexas.com

According to our lease agreement the resident is responsible for keeping the property neat and clean. This includes keeping the yard maintained and free of debris. Each resident is responsible for reasonable care of the property. If care is not given our property manager may be forced to charge repair costs back to resident that was caused by neglect.  These items may include stopped up drains, debris in the garbage disposal, HVAC issues caused by not changing air filters monthly or not reporting an issue with the system in a timely manner, failure to report water leaks, failure to report electrical issues, as well as plumbing leaks.

Resident Responsibilities are as follows

— Pest control

— Yard maintenance

— Ensuring all utilities are connected

— Keeping the property clean and sanitary

— Replacing the air filters on a monthly basis

— Changing all batteries in the smoke alarms and reporting any issues with operation

— Taking all precautions in the winter to ensure pipes don’t freeze – such as covering all outside faucets, maintain room temperature of at least 68 degrees, opening cabinets to keep pipes warm, and to drip faucets when necessary.

— Notifying management of any repairs needed that could cause damage to the property (water leaks, frozen pipes, electrical issue, etc.)

— Adhering to all Home Owners Association rules and regulations

Landlord Responsibilities:

The landlord is responsible under the Texas Property code to keep the property in habitable condition.


  1. A landlord shall make a diligent effort to repair or remedy a condition if:
    1. the tenant specifies the condition in a notice to the person to whom or to the place where rent is normally paid;
    2. the tenant is not delinquent in the payment of rent at the time notice is given; and
    3. the condition materially affects the physical health or safety of an ordinary tenant.
  2. Unless the condition was caused by normal wear and tear, the landlord does not have a duty during the lease term or a renewal or extension to repair or remedy a condition caused by:
    1. the tenant;
    2. a lawful occupant in the tenant’s dwelling;
    3. a member of the tenant’s family; or
    4. a guest or invitee of the tenant.
  3. This subchapter does not require the landlord:
    1. to furnish utilities from a utility company if as a practical matter the utility lines of the company are not reasonably available; or
    2. to furnish security guards.
  4. The tenant’s notice under Subsection (a) must be in writing only if the tenant’s lease is in writing and requires written notice.

The resident must seek approval from the management company in writing before any of the following can occur.

— Changing lock

— Painting

— Skilled maintenance repairs, such as electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and fence repair.