To better serve our tenants, we are now using Rent Manager to process work orders. By clicking the link below, you’ll be taken to your Tenant Web Access (TWA) service request form. Please read through the 5 steps below if you are unfamiliar with the process.

STEP 1: Once logged in to your TWA portal, you’ll see this at the top, left, corner of the page:

STEP 2: Click the “Service Issues” button located in the middle of the black bar and the link will take you to this portal page:

STEP 3: Click the “Add Service Issue” button located in the upper right corner of the window and the link will take you to this form:

STEP 4: Simply fill in the blanks with the requested info (Subject and Description) and add any pics or attachments you may have in the “Attachments” block. Click the “Add Service Issue” button to complete the process.

STEP 5: Once completed you can track your service request status as it moves through the system in your Tenant Web Access portal! If you have questions about service updates, please contact your individual service manager. Also please note, we will only take service requests over the phone on a case by case basis and encourage all tenants to submit via the TWA portal.

Thank you,

PAMS Maintenance Team