Personal Acquisition Management & Sales Inc., doing business as Professional Asset Management and Sales (P.A.M.S.), is a full-service real estate sales and property management firm located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We started our business to offer long-term solutions and management to our clients for their real estate needs. What does this mean? In P.A.M.S.’s case, we are a one-stop shop for investors. We manage everything from start to finish.

Let’s take a closer look and see what makes P.A.M.S. uniquely successful.

Family-owned and operated, P.A.M.S. finds investors, buyers, and renters the best properties by following a distinct process. Our business does everything it can to ensure client success and happiness. First, our expert team researches properties and creates comprehensive reports based on their findings, because we know that you can never underestimate the importance of data. Our team takes a scientific tech-savvy approach to our data mining. We focus on important things like school districts and average rents. P.A.M.S. considers other aspects too, such as whether a neighborhood is saturated with rentals and how long rental properties sit on the market.

After we complete our research, you get a detailed ROI sheet that showcases the process and a detailed breakdown of cash flow for both cash and financed offers. We then further evaluate the property and provide a breakdown of insurance, taxes, maintenance, repairs, vacancy loss, HOA costs, and closing costs. We know our market inside and out, and we are aware of the most current real estate trends.

Once properties pass the numbers test, P.A.M.S. sells them to investors. When the deal closes, P.A.M.S. manages the property. Our company holds a sincere interest in our products, as our relationship with clients continues after the sale. Service offerings include a full rehab team that can handle minor or major property renovations, a component that can be riddled with headaches for clients since many simply do not have the time, knowledge, or resources to deal with them. When clients purchase properties that require renovation, we provide services from basic to major rehab, simplifying the often-complex process. Our property rehab department handles any job, large or small. We never put an investor in a situation where a property cannot perform; due diligence is our key. However, vacancies happen, and expenses arise; this is a business, after all. The unexpected can and does happen, but our team has the experience to handle problems and strives to make the process easy and effortless for clients. P.A.M.S. simply goes above and beyond your “average” firm.

There is one thing that really sets P.A.M.S. apart from the pack: our property management department. This department helps market clients’ properties to get the cash flow rolling. Property management is a necessary aspect of the business. We strive to maintain properties at the highest level while minimizing expenses to allow for the highest possible return. The company employs a maintenance coordinator whose primary function is to ensure all requests are serviced, keeping residents happy while minimizing costs. The company employs a full-time marketing and leasing manager who is a licensed realtor and is well versed in the market area.  This allows for unique and fluid strategies designed to fill properties as quickly as possible, which helps reduce days on the market and, thereby, increases cash flow. The marketing and leasing manager also creates programs to help thwart vacancies, such as staging vacant properties to entice potential renters.

Once we have a stable renter, our company manages the operation. Our goal is to delight our clients (both tenants and investors). We are very involved in the day-to-day operations of each property, which sets us apart from the competition. We build relationships with residents to promote longevity and satisfaction. We work to ensure all residents are taken care of in a timely manner and offer 24-hour maintenance for any after-hour emergency calls. Leasing calls are also answered up until 10:00 pm by the leasing and marketing department.

It is rare to find a full-service real estate company, particularly one with such a comprehensive property management component that has a clean, clear mission to serve their clients, investors, and tenants as professionally and cost-effectively as possible. Locating a top-notch, comprehensive real estate service that sets a high benchmark for professionalism and efficiency in the industry is difficult. You will find all of this and more at P.A.M.S. Our mission is to exhaust any resources we can to ensure client success in ALL real estate transactions.

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